Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is a proven step-by-step process of transforming your home into a product that can be marketed for sale. There is a big difference between simply cleaning and de-cluttering a home, and professionally staging a home.  While a thorough cleaning and de-cluttering are essential steps, it's really only the beginning.  Rearranging furniture to improve flow, visually creating more space, developing emotional connection points in rooms, and adding key accessories to create the “wow” factor are just a few of the many techniques and skills professionals incorporate into a successful staged property.


In Today's Market, All Houses Sell, Eventually.  Why Should I Use a Staging Service?

Based upon a survey conducted by The International Association of Home Staging Professionals®, 95% of ASP staged homes on average sell 11 days or less. (  In addition, according to's newly released home improvement survey for 2012, home staging yields an 196% return on Investment. (  Yes, if a property is listed for the right price, it sells eventually.  However,  staging helps you stand out from your competition with the same price point and geographic area.  It increases your chance to sell it for more, and in a shorter period of time.



Why Hire a Professional Home Stager Instead of Simply Doing It Myself?

Homeowners usually cannot view their homes objectively; emotional investment understandably limits this ability.  A professional brings total objectivity and a creative eye to the process of preparing your house for the market. This increases your chance of selling your property faster, and for more money.  Creating the “model home” look is more easily achieved with the help of someone who does this everyday. An Accredited Staging Professional will view your home as a product by highlighting its assets, downplaying its flaws, and ultimately making the most of your number one investment! 


How Much Does Staging Service Cost?

Depending on your situation and budget range, we can come up with a staging plan that suits your needs.  We strive to maximize your budget by prioritizing tasks that deliver the greatest return. Our services range from in-home consultation, owner occupied home staging to vacant home staging, and we will work with you to come up with a staging plan that is best for you.  Please call us to schedule an initial complimentary on-site visit, so we can better help you estimate the cost and come up with the perfect proposal for your property.